Instructing Shore Sales is quick and easy. Simply call us or fill in the form below for a free, no obligation valuation today and within 24 hours your property can be on the market. We work closely with you as our client to make sure your needs are met, priding ourselves on the highest levels of communication.

What Happens Once you have invited us to value your home? 

After an appointment has been arranged, you will be visited by one of our experienced property valuers. Don’t worry about branded cars pulling up outside your house, we will be as discreet as possible, unfortunately it’s hard not to look like an estate agent at times but we certainly won’t scream it from the roof tops. 

We will endeavour to give you the valuation on the appointment and back this up in writing to you. Each property is unique in its own special way so the best strategy for getting your home sold will also be talked about. Where possible other properties that have be sold locally will be shown to explain how we have come up with our suggested price. 

Give us the go ahead…

If we are lucky enough for you to give us your property to sell its then time to get the details prepped. Whether you instruct us on the valuation or at a later stage, we will be armed and ready to get going on your property. As mentioned before we aim to go live with your property within 24 hours. 

Snap Happy

Photos are everything when it comes to advertising. Without professional looking photos people generally will not even click on your details when scanning through Rightmove and other property portals. We love a sunny day and blue sky at Shore so if it happens to be raining (like it ever rains in the UK!), then we will pop back and take the external photos again. That’s if it hasn’t sold already!!!

Grand Designs

Everyone loves a floorplan. It’s hard to believe some agents still don’t do them. Whether potential buyers want to see what walls they can knock down or where they will put the antique grandfather clock, floorplans work. This will be done at inspection stage and appear on all property portals. 

Getting people through the door

Viewings can be accompanied by a member of our team if desired and we make a point of calling each and every viewer the following day to discuss their thoughts. Open days or block viewings have become more and more popular. Naturally we will advise as to what we think is best but ultimately what route we go down is your choice.

Sale Agreed!

We are legally obliged to put all offers forward. We will do this by telephone, followed up by a written copy. The buyer’s current property position and financial situation will be given to you along with any details of other properties in the chain. Hopefully a price is reached that both parties are happy with and we can get the ball rolling. 

Instruct a Solicitor

Solicitors get a hard time from us estate agents. We regularly speak to them asking for updates and having one on board that doesn’t mind giving these updates will make your moving experience a lot happier. We are happy to point you in the direction of some good ones if required.